Zero traffic since 02-03-2019


traffic become zero since 02-03-2019, then i purchased paid plan, but no change in traffic… i want refund.


It seems that you have uninstalled Google Analytics
If you do have it installed please send us your Google Analytics traffic id to


it’s your statistics showing zero traffic.chart


Yes, if you just read the title of the report it says “Google Analytics Impressions”, but you do not have Google Analytics installed now hence the traffic is 0.

Simply install Google Analytics and tell us about it.


what are you talking!!! i didn’t even installed anything before 2nd march 2019, then why is it showing traffic?
i didn’t touch anything, traffic just suddenly stopped from your end. 7 days passed of my paid plan without any traffic,
i just want to cancel my plan and refund my money back…


You can cancel the subscription any time you want in your Billing page.


after cancel subscription. Money Will refund or Not ?


Stopping subscription does not affect you already made purchases. It only stops your future payments.