ZERO Traffic again


ziadymo, yesterday in the afternoon you’ve changed the website in your project and this website has no Google Analytics code installed, that is the reason why you have 0 impressions in your Google Analytics.
You can see it yourself in your project page, Traffic Counters tab.
You can install the code in your website or you can send us your Google Analytics id to and we will attach it to your project manually.


@ trafficbot
stop dealing with your custs like idiots
You blocked me before when I asked why my traffic was 0
stop lying mates


That is the exact reason why we disabled the live chat for you, because of such messages with no sense.
The reason of the absence of the traffic was explained and the instructions to fix the problem provided in the previous answer.


Yesterday i got 847 but in analytics i am not able to measure.
this what sessions i receive:
When it was free trial i got around 2k sessions and when i paid i just got this much:


meetseo, it seems that in your Google Analytics you look at Users report, but in our admin panel we show Page Views(hits)

You can read more about what those words mean in this article: