ZERO Traffic again

Hello ,
the 2nd time this week

Today’s traffic is 0
and the online support asked to send my g analytics id to their email support
but no response
is that normal guys?



same with me they are not providing support

ziadymo, yesterday you received 2487 hits, today in the first 8 hours of the day 680 hits. Those are good numbers for a Mini.
Your email was answered within 2 hours.

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amitkrsocial, the last email from your was from 11th December, is there anything else ?

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email answered 1 day later
but how come that i got 2 days with 0 hits ?

ziadymo, our reports show that the traffic didn’t stop.
Please send us your traffic reports to

You know more than everybody here that we’re talking about your dashboard that shows ZERO

about our analytics we have too many sources others than this service, so hard to track every single visit

Your dashboard shows ZERO
Thx for your support

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ziadymo, I cannot understand what is your point there and what do you want to get from this argument.
Attached is screenshot from your dashboard for your $9 project. In some days you have less traffic probably because slow connection to your website, we recommend to use Professional projects for us to cache your website in our servers.


This ss shows normal traffic.
but in some days is was showing me 0 hits that#s why i contacted you twice
i’m not that crazy to contact you for no reason
maybe next time i’ll attach a real time ss
and there was no need to show my package in the response . this is between you and me and not between everybody who’s reading the forum’s posts

thank you for your feedback and support.

Moss, is there any open issue now?
I want to help but I cannot understand what are you asking here.

@support team
notice that the initial request was about the 0 traffic
you solve it

there’s no need for any support now

Thank you

They are useless. They can’t provide traffic and giving useless,unsatisfied answer that don’t use shortener etc…

What if we doesn’t have any analytics to track? only having a shortener to track the traffic and we are not getting any traffic on the provided shortner so What is the use of ur traffic service to us???

Just get my adsense disabled due to their fake announcement and fake numbers

ziadymo, we do not load adsense script at all, that wasn’t from our traffic.

These guys are fake they ask me to pay i paid now they remove live chat and not even send traffic. since one our there is only 46 hits chart

They are not fake
they are liars
and when you try to contact the live support they often block you hahahaha


Today again i have 0 traffic hahahah

I’m wondering what will be your explanation / excuse this time ?!

They are just Rude and even they can tell you do whatever you want to do.

mitesh.infocus, we blocked you from the live chat because for 1 and half hours straight you’ve been asking us the same question, we asked you many times to have a little patience and wait the traffic to start coming, 2000 hits per day a delivered in 24 hours, not just in a few minutes. Right now I see that 2 hours have passed since you started the project and 10% of the daily traffic amount is delivered, everything is correct.
Feel free to use our email support.

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