You have charged me twice for 2 months. Please refund

Dear Support team,

I am a loyal customer who has been using your service for months now and would continue using it for years to come.

You have charged me twice this month and the last month. Last month it was agreed with you that you would not charge me this month and would use what was charged last month for this month. As per your request auto renewal was disabled as well and it is very concerning that you have charged me twice for the 2nd month.

I kindly request for the refund.

Thank You
Account id: 970873

You can stop the subscriptions you do not need in the Billing->Subscriptions page

Please do not create new subscriptions if you do not need them.

Thank You. If this information was shared last month when you charged twice, we could have avoided the same thing happening this month.

Please let me know when you can refund the money back to my Paypal account.

Thank You

You are confusing something, we do not work with PayPal.
If you want a refund please send the payment reference number to

Appreciate for your reference. Thank you.

I have emailed you the reference numbers for both the months.

Thank You