Will this increase my Domain Authority(DA)

Hi, I just purchased Mini Package to test for my website. I want to know is this really helps to increase my Domain Authority(DA) With using referrals website traffic, If so, recommend me the the package works for this.

We sell traffic here, we do not do SEO services.

What I mean is for example if I publish a post and I use the referral as google.com/?s=keyword then for the particular will this rank me more in google? And another question if the traffic of my website increases with using organic or refferal will it increase my DA (Domain Authority) and Alexa rank, if its possible recommend me a package that available

You really should ask a SEO agency about that, we just sell traffic here.

If i buy Alexa pack from your website will It Decrease my alexa rank. And my current alexa rank is 3,297,562 (Global) I want to decrease it to below 100,000 (Global). If its possible Please tell me procedure about this and pricing.

Of course it is possible.
Just purchase the package and make sure you have Alexa Rank Certified active for your website.

What package I want to purchase to go below 100,000?

That one: Alexa Rank 99999

I also want to increase domain authority for my (link removed) I m a register user of spark traffic from india

We cannot consult on that.