Ways to use sparktraffic sent traffic

I have just launched my first website a few weeks ago and, I just came across SpartTraffic platform. To me, this traffic seems to be wonderful as it’s being considered by Google Analytics. However, I am not quite understanding how the traffic sent by SpartkTraffic can be used, other than increasing website ranking or DR. That is, could someone please explain me, in what ways I can make use of this traffic in the monetization of my website? Thanks.

We have it covered here:

Thanks for the reply. I have read through the FAQ section and found information in 2 questions related to my original question.


  1. Is it Adsense(and any other Pay Per Click affiliate programs) safe? and
  2. Do you accept shorteners, redirect and affiliate links?

After reading the answers to these FAQs, still, I did not understand the point of monetization. Because, if in PPC programs, if you don’t load ads itself how do we get impressions or click values, hence per my understanding, it is not relevant for monetization.

In the case of shorteners for paid projects, it is good that you are accepting. However, for example, if I keep a URL Shortener link in my website page, and route around 20k traffic to that link, do I get 20,000 clicks on that link? so that, I can definitely monetize it?

We do not work with ads in any form, absolutely no ppc, paid redirects etc.