Visitors are not reflecting on my google analytics - Still waiting your email reply


I have emailed yesterday and I am still waiting for your reply. Wonder if you guys received my email or not. Please implement my google analytics id asap.

Subject: Visitors in your statistic are not reflecting on my google analytics.
Time: July 28 2019 4:10 AM (12 hours ago)


You have Traffic Speed parameter set to 0%
Simply change it to 100% to get the full amount of traffic.

Yep, I paused the campaign and set to 0% since my analytics report did not reflect the statistics showing here days ago, and I have just readjusted it. One question, If my analytics id is not implemented from your side, will all the visitors count wasted in google’s search result? I had 1509 of hits from 27th and 28th, but my analytics account did not see it.

We send the traffic all the time, it doesn’t matter if the counter is detected or not.