URL shorteners like

I am interested to take a professional project package and I could see in the package description that we can use the traffic hits for 'URL shorteners like" as well. Hence, for example, if I purchase a large professional package, can I expect 600K clicks on the URL shortener links as well? Can you please confirm. Thanks.

You can expect there the same amount of visitors as in the project, not hits(page views)

Thanks for the reply. The description in Ultimate package says that - " Auto random navigation to local/external links", does that mean, If I take ultimate economy package (which is expected to give 1 000 000 hits/month and 333 333 unique visitors), how many visitors can be expected to navigate the local/ external links from the website pages? Please clarify.

In total you will have up to 333k visits for such project, how many of them will be distributed over what links depends on the exact settings you will have in your project.