Trust issues.. this isn't working

So the free traffick does not work. Chat stated they offer no support for nano. Now if the free trial doesn’t work. I get no support. How do I trust you to pay you. lol. this is a straight up joke.

Your project is working, but you activated a Nano project instead of Free Trial Demo, we told you it by chat.
Nano is very slow, that is probably why you didn’t see the traffic.

Your project is converted now into a Demo, please look in your Google Analytics.

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Ok. Thank you. I see it does work. I purchased a med, lifetime. And when I try to edit the campaign it consently tells me to refresh the page when I hit the save button. Like trying to change traffic speed or any other settings. It does show in Google Analytics that I’m getting it. But I could use some changes, and it won’t save them.

Also its not showing up in my shopify dashboard. Is this normal?

Increase the Traffic Speed parameter if you want more traffic.

Our traffic doesn’t purchase anything if you still want it to show up in Shopify please contact our customer support. This is a public forum, not customer support.