Traffic to my site not coming since yesterday

Since yesterday traffic to my website is not delivered, but before it was normal just from yesterday traffic not delivered normally and I didn’t make any change in my website or in my plan so can anyone fix that, please?

Our reports show that the traffic is coming, if you have any other reports where we can see the problem please send us them to


Hello you can check that in 26.03.2019 google analytics just has 8.7 k users not 20k like your graph, and alexa ranking show the same result of google analytics, i didn’t get 20k users, so please help me to fix that because i am
losing my ranks


It seems that you are confusing Users and Page Views(hits).
Please read this article to better understand the metrics:

ok how to increase users?

Reduce return rate to 0%, for even more users you need to upgrade your project