Traffic has stopped


I have purchased your “small professional” package for, but so far I have got only 3k traffic to the website.

Why it is like that and what should I do to get rest of the traffic?
I want to get 20k traffic untill end of the month.


Shahpur Ibrahimov

The traffic packages are monthly(30 days)

Yes, I know but there are still enough time for completing 1 month.

I do not get traffic. Since purchasing, I have got only 3k traffic. That’s all.

The traffic is coming normally now.
Before today you didn’t have any value in the Google Analytics field in your project. Now you have it, now the traffic is coming.

What should I do to get 20k traffic till end of the month?

At least you need to wait until the end of the month.
Every day you receive:

Max. 3000 hits/day, 1000 users/day For Small Professional
-200/day hits For 10% Bounce Rate
-110/day users For 11% Return Rate
Total: 2800/day hits, 1557/day users

So, what was the reason of not getting traffic at all till yesterday?

Before that you had a wrong Google Analytics id in your project page, Traffic Counters tab.

Now the data that Google Analytics and SparkTraffic show does not overlap.

For example, Google analytics shows that yesterday had 1.8k users while according to Spark, it is supposed to be 2963. Another example is that although spark says that we have 24,267 views this month, it is 47k according to Google Analytics.

What is the reason of this? Why don’t they overlap?

Please do not confuse Users and Page views(hits).
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