The engagement of the websites on alexa

what should i do to increase the engagement of site metrics on alexa

the bounce rate how much i should put it
please any on advice me in order to increase the engagement

First of all you need to change the rank from Estimated to Certified.
You can see in the top right corner of your screenshot the word Estimate, it should be Certified.

You can read more about it in this article:

but the other websites estimated
all of it engagement increase not decrease

its depend on the bounce rate or not

When your rank is Estimated then doesn’t count any traffic on your website, you cannot change Estimated rank.
You can only change Certified rank.

the bounce rate how much i should put it

What is the best Bounce rate for my website?
There’s no answer to this question, on average bounce rate is in between 30% and 70%, we recommend to make an analysis of your rival websites to understand what is normal for your industry.
Let’s imaging your website is and therefor your rival is, head over to and type in the search bar on top, we see that has Bounce rate of 43%, we would recommend to use this value for your

Hiii, diaa98297

I want to ask you what is the response of sparktraffic in your organic visitors?? Are you getting some other visitors or only getting hits of spark??

Just only spark hits i recieved in many website
I wanna organic vistors

I want to be showing on alexa diagram

it doesn’t according to a ctual number you giveing

ohhh. I am also thinking to buy the traffics but still confused to take the plan, after all, we need organic visitors.

What you think should I take the plan?

You can choose Traffic Type: Organic in any paid project.

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you mean if it certified the engagement will increase

Of course it will improve.

thank am change it
i hope to improved

i saw it thank you so much

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