The DEMO does work, but the mini package does not work at all


I express my desire not to renew because I do not see traffic in my analytics, even if inside your panel it says there is traffic. In the DEMO it worked fine, but now there is nothing at all. Everything is at 0.

Any solution?

Hope I can continue with you if it works like the demo.

Thank you very much

You have the wrong Google Analytics id in your project page, Traffic Counters tab.
You have now “UA-2”, but it should be something like UA-1111111-11

Please correct it.

Changed! But nothing still works.

Have some patience please, it takes at least 20-30 minutes to update

Ah! OK. Perfect!

I have an other question. I bought a mini package, but canceled it in Paypal, can I reactivate the subscription again? How do I do it?

Thank you

You go through the same procedure as before, Guaranteed Traffic -> Buy New Credit…


Best regards