Subscriptions problem

In the last promotion of your website, I bought 1 get 1 and buy 10 get 10 activities. I bought a lot of projects.
After the purchase, I canceled all the subscriptions and I don’t need to buy them automatically. But these two days, it still automatically bill payment a lot of project for me, it more than USD$1900!!

I sent E-mail and also used chat, but I did not answer. Please help me to process and cancel the purchase record for these days and give me a refund, thank you.

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I cannot see anything like that in your account, could you please send us to the transaction numbers of the payments you want to refund ?

SpartkTraffic. Same thing happened with me also. My credit card was also charged after cancelling the subscription. my email id is

I have sent refund request also. But there is no response. I was charged 353.99 USD.

We reply all the emails in not more than 24 hours, please do not worry.