Still without discount price


Why I haven’t discount price for 2nd and next payments!?
I choose months ago blue button as you said, but still is 59,99$ for month payment! I want discounts.10%, or 12% or another still missing, month by month, same price 59,99$ without any discount!

I have set automatically renew, and your system with discounts not work.
I paid via blue button as you have memoried into tutorial and not work.

The discount is applied to the payments done by the same subscription.
If you start a new subscription you need to start all over accumulating the discount.

My subscription was automatically renew, but without any discount. You told and wrote before that - If I buy one month via blue button, next will be aplied discount. But this is not work. Maybe is some bug into your system. Also you dont replied to my emails - I asked it for you, and your support. Also I sent video that I cant aplied it.

I tried more times before - I using your service 8 months. Support is very terrible, service good - OK, discount nothing (and nothing working). I don’t know what I think about it…

The discount is applied to the same subscription’s payments, if you create a new subscriptions you need to start again accumulating the discount.

Also you need to click at the Increase Discount button BEFORE the payment is done.