Same number problem

Similar issue here. Test yesterday was great. After I paid for the small package, there is too little hits.
I edited the campaign, I changed the speed as advised. I only got few hits more, not 4000 as set now.

Thanks for the help

In our logs I see that you started the project with Traffic speed 4% yesterday, then today increased to 40%, then to 84%, then to 96%.
Please keep the traffic speed at the same level if you want the traffic volume to be the same.

Yes, I changed but I dont see the visits increasing :frowning:

We need to see a traffic report where we can see the problem.

I attached some info, you can see versus yesterday, real time and other data.



Your system reports over 1000 that are just … fake. As much as I can see there are 300 pageviews more than usual, but thats it

Please do not confuse Users and Page views(hits)
You can read more about the difference here:

I am lookig at Page Views indicator.
Total for Today : 2400
Normal day: 1800.
I have 600 extra, still far far away from 4000

A day has “24 hours” and it is not over yet.

If you have multiple traffic sources you should use Campaigns to distinguish them, we cannot speculate on what traffic is “normal” and what is not.

Second day looks better. I hope everything is going to be fine.