Sad to see the website has no Paypal


This website can have a bright future but it seems to be kinda dodgy not having all payment types on and instead has bitcoin and ethereum.


We have 2 payment gateways for cards, it is way more trustworthy than paypal, every junk website can have paypal, but a website with a merchant account for visa/mastercard is actually a sign that it is a legitimate business paying taxes.
You can use paypal at one of our affiliate website, for example


Nop, it also doesn’t use PayPal payments. It only forces to use visa/mastercard payment through PayPal gateway. Even if I have PayPal account set as default source it forces to pay with card.


maja, it may happen with PayPal if you don’t have any backup source for the payments, you can consult with PayPal support about it.
Anyway, the card it is asking for is only for the backup, PayPal will use your account’s funds in the first place.


You love paypal? do u know how may problems with them? Have u checked in USA how many reports against them?
I’m one of their victims. why? Because they support sellers against buyers.
Hope will help you.
PS: btw I was a customer of paypal for many years > 9


We can say the same against PayPal, it is unreliable and can destroy your business any time without even a chance for appeal.