Review of SparkTraffic Automated Traffic

I think overall it did what was expected. It would have been nice to have linked it via some recognisable tag to tracking software. I can’t comment on how much of the traffic reached my site. And since it’s automated it wouldn’t be considered “good quality” as such. If anything I block automated or bot traffic, or filter that out, as it isn’t terribly useful.

I like the idea behind what you’re trying to do, to make it look human-like. But here’s the thing, I can get low engagement real human traffic to do the same - yes a lot of the cheap traffic is bot traffic anyway. But the ones that are human, might click an ad, or share content.

I didn’t notice any differences in anything on the site at all, to be honest. Not sure what I was expecting though.

I guess if I’d have seen this when the site was new, it would have been a nice easy way to set and forget some traffic to the site to prime it.

May still try that out when I do another new site.


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Great website, it is really helpful.

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