Review of spark

I have used Spark on my last 3 projects over the last 12 months.

Ok i read the forums and firstly people understand this is not human traffic simple concept so understand that your on your way.

Alexa Rank it is not necessary to join Alexa to have a rank you will find when you check your moz stats it will indeed show alexa rank if you have a live operating site.

Will it kill your Google rank ? It has not in my case in my last 3 sites which i have a protocol for SEO to HAVE A HARD TARGET ON MYSELF LUCRATIVE NICHE search on Goog page 1 top 3 in Categories exceeding 150,000,000 results in a 30 day time frame with a newly registered domain never used of registered EVER.

Case Study current domain 35 days since registered. MOZ rank 3.9 DA 21 PA 39
Ahrefs Stats same domain UR 52 PA 16

CURRENTLY RANKING 1 TO 3 IN MY TARGETS SOME WHICH EXCEED 200,000,000 results and ALL my pages are receiving large page 1 snippets on goog,

Closest Competitor MOZ rank 3.7 150 days old in which i designed used my strategy the same as current using SPARK

The first day i take a site live i implement a search keyword strategy on SPARK and continue without variation from they keyword search strategy a 10% bounce no return rate and continue generally until site is sold which is usually 5 months from registration of Domain.

So in last year i have used spark as mentioned continuously as part of a successful SEO proven strategy and you cannot challenge a #1 rank on GOO and BIN

SEO is somewhat of an art and don’t expect to just set up a traffic program of non human traffic and expect any return because its only a part of strategy i would rate at about 25% of site rank IMHO.

Sure the servers down from time to time so i have an alternate free traffic site whenever a bugs worked out and although SPARK sometimes is a little slow on replies that’s fine for the price its awesome and sometimes its an error on my part others they may have an issue from time to time that’s normal.

So if you plan to use the service understand what you are buying a well priced SEO TOOL that in my experience will not sandbox you on goo or even effect in any negative way i have seen. Can i prove my 25% VALUE IN SEO FOR SPARK theory no but with that said to have a #1 rank in several highly competitive niches in 30 days its an opinion i will stand by.

But anyone reading this build a quality website or your results will be as pathetic as the site itself google likes quality fresh interesting content that MATCHES YOUR KEYWORD TARGETS and feels the searches landing have found the best representation of the searchers information or product.

SO IN SUMMARY I HAVE featured Snippets with actual product carousels that take up 1/4 of page #1 for FREE ON GOO cpc for category average is $15 so 1 click is more than the smaller SPARK packages (if you run a paid ad )

My rating is 4.5 because nothings perfect including my work so i hope this helps the Newbies and Long timers

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