Review: Great Stuff

I think I legitimately love SparkTraffic.

The Free Trial went smooth - I played around a bit with what settings I could, and was able to see traffic hit my site and everything went well, no complaints…

So then i bough a premium plan, to further investigate, always worth $20 to test a source that could help a site gain traction and web presence… Although the campaign is still running, I am very satisfied and will most defiantly keep the order active.

Pros of this service

  • Ad Safe
  • Shows up in GA
  • Efficient & Controllable
  • The “Generate Click” to internal pages is awesome

Cons of this service

  • I don’t like I cannot distribute traffic to multiple domains from a single order
  • Its not outrageously expensive, but it is a bit high for traffic guaranteed not to generate a sale

My gripes are no reason to not order some traffic and get those stats moving. I am hoping to turn this traffic into results through other onsite and offsite marketing methods, as my site requires traffic and rankings, which is when I will see the most return for my dollars.

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