Remove my website from your free traffic


How do I remove my websites from your free traffic generator? I did not authorize this and it’s being used as a negative seo campaign. How do I make this stop!?!?! I do not want your traffic.

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What is your website ?

Is it true that your traffic will bring a negative effect to SEO?

We’ve never heard anything like that from any of our clients.

how to bot web site daily

analytics real time page view show & user but page view not trasnfer in adsense why ??

analytics view is froad view otherwise view transfer to adsense view

We don’t load ads, we don’t work with ads in any form including Adsense. It is written in our FAQ.

I want to use free trial on traffic bot but this is show my domain is not able to use this please help me.
me website URL is :

We do not accept free domains for the free traffic.

I want to remove my account how