Refund my paypal Please

I already cancel auto-renewal I don’t know why I was charge. I would like to get refund on my paypal please.

We’ve already refunded the payments and cancelled the subscriptions.
You could just asked us there was no reason to create disputes.

Please do not forget to cancel the subscriptions in time in future.

thank you for your swift response. unfortunately i have received any refund yet. I would like to know long it would take to reflect. regards.

You had opened the dispute in PayPal, we have granted it, I’m sorry but we just cannot do anything more.
If you do not see the money in your bank account you need to talk with PayPal about it.

I would kindly ask you to help me look into this matter because I have not yet receive any refund from your company yet because paypal did not receive any from you yet. I will appreciate if this is resolved reasonably. Thank you.

I’m sorry but we just do no have the Refund button anymore since the payment was already refunded.

Please can you send me proof of refund inorder to show paypal you actually refunded me.

The attached file above shows the that there was no refund was received by me or paypal. I was asked to contact you for help regarding this since there was no refund received by them.

no refund received yet

Try to open a dispute for the transaction.

If you just contacted us PRIOR to opening the first dispute we would refund it normally, now we simply do not have the money nor we have the refund button.

I still haven’t got my refund yet and couldn’t open another dispute on paypal. I can’t you guys help me manually?

You cannot open another dispute because the payment was already refunded.
Please contact with PayPal about it, we do not have your money.

paypal said they did not receive it. I guess it would not enter because I have canceled automatic payment option with you immediately I found you charge me. You have to do it manually or contact paypal regarding my case because here paypal is not ready to help since the dispute case was closed

I’m sorry but that just doesn’t make any sense, you opened the dispute, we granted it, the money got deducted from our account.
If you didn’t receive it - you need to talk to PayPal.