Project ID 658388 Not running,

Project ID 658388 Not running, I setting anything wrong? I did not receive any traffic

Google Analytics = UA-151386599-1

Your project is very small(Mini), some time you can see not traffic, it is normal.
If you want more traffic please use a bigger project.

This 48 hours I have just 50 people on the web.
Is there anything wrong?

27 Page views 20 Visitors![Screenshot_25|690x440]


I think almost no traffic is sent to the website …
With one person per hour or 2 people, that is, I came in by myself.

Please show us your daily traffic report from Google Analytics.

Can be assembled here

Your project is a Mini, according to your settings:

Max. 1000 hits/day, 334 users/day For Mini Professional
-7/day hits For 1% Bounce Rate
-7/day users For 2% Return Rate
Total: 993/day hits, 334/day users

You should get not more than 334 users per day.
Please do not forget that there are 24 hours in a day, so for a full today’s report you need to wait until tomorrow.

If you want more traffic then increase the Traffic Speed parameter to 100%

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On the first day I used it, I didn’t see members online. And try to solve problems for a long time In the end, I tried the middle settings.
I will try to reset to 100% speed.
Thank you so much

new settings
Traffic Speed 100% (Max. 2000 hits/day, 667 users/day For Mini Professional)
Bounce Rate 0%
Return Rate 0%
Time on each page 30s