Professional vs Premium

What is the difference between Professional and Premium packages?

Basically Premium is 100% human traffic and Professional is automated traffic with unique residential IPs.

In the Premium you have only geo targeting and not features like bounce, return rates, multiple urls and many others.

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Great, thank you for the response.
I bought a premium package; is there a way I can now apply for the professional features? (It’s not showing anything has been delivered yet.)

We are sorry but you cannot, we have informed you in the previous answer that you can only choose Geo in Premium.

Thank you for the confirmation.

Your previous response did not and does not indicate that ‘Professional’ is excluded from geo targeting, but rather specifies what features ‘Premium’ provides and doesn’t.

And from understanding this situation, it seems unfortunate that you do not provide a service that would include geo targeting AND “features like bounce, return rates, multiple urls and many others” simultaneously. If you’re looking to measure the amount of interest for this ability/feature, count us in.

Professional projects do include all the features.
Premium don’t.

Good to hear, and thank you for the clarification.
( Apparently I should have originally specified all the criteria for you to differentiate between Professional and Premium. :crazy_face: )

Sounds like I should have purchased Pro and not Premium which I will do.

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