Problem purchases

I made 2 purchases but only one was successful, 2 medium economy but only one was delivered

Meloni, please elaborate, what do you mean by “delivered”?

on September 6th I have purchases of two medium plans but in the page of my purchased credits I found only one. pls check the transaction with paypal

Please tell us the reference number of the missing payment and please make sure the money were actually taken from your bank and the payment wasn’t declined.

no, 2 different payments:
transaction code: 847087388D129774X

n: 2

transaction code: 8K099580D2848430R

both in 6 semptember

For some reason PayPal has never notified us about the second payment, we’ve added it to your account manually now.

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many thanks. Best Regards

They have not delivered my purchase and they wont respond to emails. bad people…

Steve, you haven’t finished the purchase with Bitcoin payment.
In the payment page please put the transaction id into the Transaction ID field and click at the check status button, the credit will be in your account in the same moment.

where do I find transaction ID in coinbase

just add manually… ok that would help and be easy

Try to ask it to Coinbase please.
To add it we still need to find your payment somehow so we need the transaction id.

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11/14/2019 9:25 AM

You just need to know the transaction id to finish the purchase.