Premium package - How much time it takes to start traffic?

Hey There !!
Ive purchased a package yesterday,
I would like to know when it should be start ? and on which mode ? like on random basis or consistently it would run to acquire 10K hits?

Premium traffic is delivered on availability, we cannot estimate it, Iā€™m sorry.
You will see traffic coming from Monday-Tuesday, the maximum delivery time is 30 days.

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Just curious, have you started receiving traffic yet? How long did you end up waiting?
I purchased a premium package as well about 4 days ago, and am still waiting.

@battlecalculator just about to share my stats with the admin also, I am not that much satisfied with their service, I end up having random boost after few days of frequent traffic,

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Premium traffic is delivered on availability, if you need control over all the aspects of the traffic including how much per day and hour you receive please use Guaranteed Traffic section, not Premium!
You can see clearly in your project that Premium project has absolutely no settings, it is 100% real human traffic, we cannot control humans.

I know the fact, thats why planning to buy mini soon, thanks

@visionpakistanseo Thank you for sharing that chart, it is very informative.

If it is substantially illustrating the Premium traffic you received from SparkTraffic, then you started receiving hits within 2-3 days (which is what I was seeking to understand.)

It also illustrates an example of how the availability of Premium traffic can spike quite drastically.