Payment ready but project does not start?


I ve made a paiement for a mini subscription credit. I ve made my projet but it doesn’t start…


The traffic is coming but very slowly because you have set Traffic Speed 10% in your project, if you want more traffic please increase the traffic speed parameter.

I ve changed for 100% , no morte traffic…

The traffic is coming normally, you have a very small project so you get very small amount of traffic.
If there’s anything wrong then please send us your traffic report to


I’m sorry but I ve buy a mini projet :
60 000 hit = around 2 000 by day
20 000 unique visitor. = around 666 by day

It is not 105 views by day !



60 000 hits/month
20 000 unique visitors

60 000 hits/month
20 000 unique visitors

There are 24 hours in day, please do not forget it.
And you need to keep all the settings correct during all the 24 hours.

If you had Traffic Speed at 10% at the beginning then of course you will get just 10% of traffic, you need to have 100% all 24 hours!

If you want maximum of the traffic then you should set Return Rate to 0% and Bounce Rate to 0%