Number of accesses different from the contracted

I have the Ultimate plan. I want to have an average of 33,000 unique visitors per day. How do I configure?

In case, each visitor of mine will only have 1 pageview,

I’m having trouble getting it parameterized this way. I’m only having an average of 11,000 unique visitors per day in my google analytics.

Besides that. After the renewal of the plan, the accesses decreased greatly.

Please read this article to better understand the difference between Users, Page Views, Sessions, Hits etc:

1 Ultimate plan can give you up to 11k unique visits and up to 33k hits per day depending on your settings, for 33k unique visits per day you need to have 3x Ultimate project.

I did not understand. I can not configure for each user to access only 1 page?

In theory, if each user only accessed 1 page, I would have 33 thousand unique hits.

If you have an Ultimate project the maximum you can have is 11k unique users per day.
If you want each visit to view just 1 page then you need to set Bounce Rate 100%, keep in mind that in this case you will have 0 seconds session time because the session time calculates as sum of the period between page views.