No trafic and no play/stop button

Hi, I have set a job but I’m unable to see any traffic neither in the admin panel here nor at google analytics. Also, I cant see the stop/pause traffic button in the job edit page. Some times it appears, some times only the “clone project” appears. I have checked with three different browsers and two different OS and it is always the same.

David, you can simply set Traffic Speed to 0% to stop the traffic and to 100% to fully resume it.

Hi, thanks for the quick answer. I actually knew that. But I don’t see trafic in the graph here nor in google analytics. I thought that it might be related to the button not appearing (traffic paused or something like that). Is the traffic computed after 24h or in real time? Tomorrow will I see the trafic of today or should I be able to see some hits now?

That was because you had the Traffic Speed at 0%, please change it to 100% and wait some time.

Hi, as per the panel, the traffic was set at 7%. I have increased it to 100% to see if it work, but still I need 7%

I can see the problem now. When the information of the job is updated, he frontend shows that change, but is not reflected in the job itself.

You have now Traffic Speed 10% in your Mini project, it is just 128 hits per day, only 5 hits per hour.
It is very slow traffic, you need to have more patience please.

Hi thanks. As a matter of fact, I think I narrowed the problem with the button: it disappears when the value of speed is below 10% (single digit). At that point, the speed is set to 0 at the backend and the button on the frontend disappears. I hope that is useful for you to do some troubleshooting.