No result there is problem with this solution

I have tested yesterdy this solution ,and i have good result .
After paying for Professional Project to have 600000 hits there is no differences !!!

600k hits per month is 20k hits per day, you’ve received 22453 hits yesterday.
Please elaborate what exactly is wrong with the traffic ?

We need to increase the number of session !
In the project test it was very successfully ,we had until 500 simultaneous sessions on 06 July

For more sessions you need to set return rate to 0% and/or purchase a bigger package.

and the average of page view have decreased !!!

You’ve had 12k users per day, that is very normal for a Large project.
You are supposed to get not more than 6.6k visits per day for a Large.

Our average was 21508 page visited in the last week !!!
pleas check the graph

If you have multiple traffic sources then you need to use Campaigns to distinguish them, otherwise we simply cannot know what part of the traffic is ours and what is not.

You read more about it here:

Similar issue here. Test yesterday was great.
After I paid for the small package, there is no new hits.
I edited the campaign, and there are some statistic saying I got 200/300 visits. But they are not on Google Analytics.
And I should get 2000 per day at least.

Thanks for the help

A day has 24 hours, your project has been in our system just 19 hours at the time you posted the message and in our logs I see that you started the project with Traffic speed 4% yesterday, then today increased to 40%, then to 84%, then to 96%.
Please keep the traffic speed at the same level if you want the traffic volume to be the same.