Newbie here - Demo traffic didn't work

I am new here. I did some reading online and thought I gave this site a try.
I started with the demo version. My website was always giving me an error and telling me that I should try a different website.
Every time I tried to edit the counter time went down.
For some reason said my site wasn’t allowed and that I should buy a project.
No matter. After all, is free. But is a shame cos I wanted to test the product.

I have activated nano and will keep an eye for a few days to see if I see the visits.
I was looking forward to purchasing the traffic but since I don’t know if it works cos the trial didn’t work, I will have to wait and see first.

I look forward to it!

You were getting the error because you were trying to add more than 1 Demo project for the same website.

For some reason, you have set Traffic Speed to 0%, so you got less traffic.

We have restarted your Demo with 100% Speed, so you should see the traffic soon.


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Oh wow!
That is very kind of you.
I was not expecting for you to reactivate the demo. But thank you so much.

If/when I purchase a traffic plan, will that work alongside with nano i.e as 2 different projects?

Thanks again

Yes, you can have as many projects as you need for the same website.

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