My traffic is not maximal

I purchase medium professional package with guarantee 10k hit/day.
The project already underway for almost 20 days, but I never got 10k hit/day. Usually only got around 8k/day.
And it’s not about traffic speed because I always set it up at 100%.

Can you please help?

According to your settings you should receive up to 7500 hits per day:

Max. 10000 hits/day, 3333 users/day For Medium Professional
-2500/day hits for the Shortener
-833/day users For 25% Return Rate
Total: 7500/day hits, 2500/day users

what kind of settings should I use to get 10k hit/day?

  1. Don’t use shorteners
  2. Bounce Rate 0%
  3. Return Rate 0%