My Review of Spark Traffic

Ok, I am writing this review in response to a promotional email I received.

The first I had heard about this site was from an extension on my recently created online store. I installed the plugin, signed up for my two hours worth of traffic, and it delivered.

Impressed, I went ahead an purchased a bundle, and configured it as I understood it. I had not entered my Google Analytics information on the Spark Traffic site, but was monitoring my control panel on my Google account and could see all of the hits on there.

I was new to this, so at points a little bit of panic kicked in at times, such as:

I had misunderstood the menu and having signed up to a Pro bundle was expecting it to show under Premium. I realised what was what eventually and following a live chat.

The free traffic had, early on, overshadowed the paid for traffic, and I began to feel that despite setting all traffic to be from my country, I was seeing only 10% from there and the rest from all over the world. Again, I brought this up on live chat and was advised to remain patient as it would be a gradual distribution.

True to point, the following day my traffic was all reporting as national and I have since been very pleased with the service. It stopped when I paused it, resumed when I chose to - and everything is meeting expectations.

I would use again.

HOWEVER… I did find that live chat was a serious let-down. Firstly, it said an agent was available to talk to me, yet I sat staring at unresponded messages for a very long time before I finally got a reply. I understand the agent(s) may be busy, so put a queue on chat! Have a wait time like most others do perhaps?

Next, again, live chat related; the person I got put through to, and who I assume responds to all of the threads on this forum needs major customer services training!!

I was responded to in a condescending manner throughout. Yes, I did make mistakes on my config, such as not entering my Google Analytics account number, and then entering it wrong, and yes I was a little hasty in raising the matter that the traffic was global. I won’t go into details, but mate, your attitude stinks.

Overall, I love the product, and will continue to run my existing package, and I probably would not hesitate to renew. But I do feel unsupported now. I would not wish to liaise with the agent again, as I do not appreciate the manner in which I was engaged.

So I would rate the service 5/5 - but the customer service 1/5.

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