Mini vs Mini Professional

What is the difference between Mini and Mini Professional?

When I look at the site information, Professional Projects provide Local Alexa Rank. But when I open the project there is no option.

I mean why should I buy a professional package? For what? Can you explain this to me, please?
Note: I can’t buy Ultimate or Large package. I don’t need such a big traffic on my site.
Why should I buy a professional package only for the small package?
Thank you.

We do Local Alexa Rank automatically if you have a Professional project, no action is needed for it.

You can consult here on all the differences:
Just change Economy switch to Professional and see what options will enable for your size.

I use it on 2 different website. To be honest, I haven’t felt anything in the past 1 year.
No Data, Traffic Rank in Country. professional or normal package.
I used both, I couldn’t see any difference in statistics

You need to change your Alexa Rank from Estimated to Certified, please read about it in this article:

Also a Mini project is too small to sufficiently improve your Alexa Rank, you need at least a Large or an Ultimate.

So, Should i buy an alexa plan? Because this option is not available to me.

Yes, you need to have Alexa Rank Certified active for your website in order for to count any traffic at all.

Thank you for the explanation.

is it enough $19.99/m?
Because my website is a blog and I have no financial gain. I can’t buy every month ‘‘Advanced $149/m’’

Yes, you choose the cheapest option possible, just $19.99

Okay thank you for help.