Me sirve este trafico para Ad nextwork



Hi all. I would like to know some things, because I want to buy some packages from the site. So I read here that this traffic is 100% safe for adsense and also the traffic we send is safe for other PPC programs that may be running on your site. Because you don’t click on ads and that’s good. Now, but sparktraffic works for CPM, Because it would be very good for those people who have an advertising network, such as Anonymous Ads and Adsterra who work for CPM, for every 1000 visits. I ask because I have read some articles from people who recommend it and that you could make a good use of so much traffic, I was looking at the packages and they are really very good to tell the truth I entered this site for that. But it is always good to ask. On the Internet there are sites selling traffic, I have bought in many sites but it has not helped me at all, I think it is good to buy traffic to increase the metrics of our websites, but I think it is good to have some earnings as well. So if not someone could recommend me where to buy traffic that works for Ad NextWork

Sorry but we do not work with ads in any form.

Thanks, I understand that you do not work with ads or click on them so that users do not have problems. Now what I do not understand is: for example I work with Google Adsense, you know that they are giving you my statistics and your traffic as it appears in Google analytics, those visits that you send me would be seen as organic visits in the statistics from Google Adsense or another of these platforms. Excuse me for asking so much, but I am new to this world and of course I have doubts and it is always good to ask. Because you really offer good things. Thank you

Sorry but we really cannot know it, we guarantee that the traffic will look like a normal traffic in Google Analytics, anything else please use at your own risk.