Lol....Google Analytics reports traffic ffrom Mexico but WordFence reports traffic from France

Lol…Using TrafficBot for few days: For the past 2 hours Google Analytics reports traffic coming from Mexico & USA but WordFence reports traffic coming from France. Who would you believe ?

We’ve never heard anything about WordFence, we do not know what it is and none of our clients has ever asked about it until now therefore we cannot guarantee that it works correctly with our traffic.

So here is the stats with traffic coming from trafficbot since April 5, 2018:

  1. April 5 2019

Trafficbot: 4,154 pageviews
Google Analyitcs: 6,405 pageviews
Google AdSense: 4,240 pageviews

  1. April 6 2019

Trafficbot: 4,052 pageviews
Google Analyitcs: 4,810 pageviews
Google AdSense: 105 pageviews

  1. April 7 2019

Trafficbot: 4,124 pageviews
Google Analyitcs: 4,720 pageviews
Google AdSense: 24 pageviews

  1. April 8 2019

Trafficbot: 4,634 pageviews
Google Analyitcs: 5,686 pageviews
Google AdSense: 105 pageviews

  1. April 9 2019

Trafficbot: 5,328 pageviews
Google Analyitcs: 6,096 pageviews
Google AdSense: 397 pageviews

  1. April 10 2019

Similar to April 9 stats

Used: Small Project 144,000 hits
Majority of times we used: ORGANIC traffic, worldwide, N.America, Traffic Speed: 100%, low bounce rate, Returning Visitors between 5 and 40%.

Conclusion: AdSense has discovered fake traffic in a matter of days and cancelled our account.

Hope this will help someone.

We do not load Adsense script, we use similar to adblocker technology and do not load ANY ads at all