I've been dealing for a few days but I don't know how to use it

I’ve been dealing for a few days but I don’t know how to use it .

I use 2000 visitor packages but 600 to 750 visitors come daily, I use mini professional package. I have 2 questions for you.

  1. Which one to choose the time spent on each page
  2. Your URLs
    We start navigation with these urls - 1st Click URLs
    We simulate clicks on these urls later - 2nd Click URLs
    We simulate clicks on these urls later
    What do these mean? how we will use?
    please help us .
    thank you .
    have a nice days.problems

Your package is 2000 hits, it is about 600 visitors.
Please do not confuse hits(page views) and visits, you can read more about the different here: https://blog.sparktraffic.com/sessions-users-and-page-views-understanding-the-difference/

To change the time on page please use the Time On Page parameter in your project page.

The URLs fields is just the order we visit the pages, on each page view we choose an url randomly from each of the URLs fields.

there are between 600 and 800 visitors daily. While the 3-day data should be in the middle, 2000 hits x 3 days = 6000, now I have 2841 pictures. please correct it, make up for it. It needs to be 2000 hits x 3 days = 6000. 6000-2841 = 3159 hit loss. 3159 x27 = 85 293 hits I don’t want to be lost monthly

I cannot understand you.
Please show us a screenshot of your traffic report in English.

i use to google translate for english , is that clear ? is that okay ?

In your screenshot you have 7927 his(page views) for these 4 days, so you are receiving daily 2000 page views.

why i cant use to nano project , i see selection but cant accept out domain , please help us

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Nano projects are free and do not include customer support.

i want to make a demo project , but same error

You’ve already had Demo projects for this domain, you cannot have more.

Same thing for me, I was thinking of buying some credits but if nano doesnt work then what is the point.

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Please use Demo projects for tests, Nano is not for tests.

I have used demo, and I want to use nano but it doesn’t allow me to add website.

If you do it for test purposes you can see the results in the Demo project.

If you want just free traffic and do not want to pay us anything - use Nano but it doesn’t include customer support.

Wow, that is so rude to say “if I don’t want to pay you anything” . I had an account before and paid for your services. I was thinking of using it again but wanted to test properly if its working now.
Friendly suggestion, don’t be so rude to people. They might not be paying at the moment but it doesn’t mean they won’t start. SO RUDE. And anyway the nano doesn’t work properly.

We are sorry if you saw any rudeness, none was meant.

you are telling the truth, thank you so much . nano does nothing . this platform is not good at all, I think find another place, the customer representative is very rude and they do not help at all . This website will be our first and last work. I was deceived briefly. They tricked me .

nano does not accept the domain for the project , it gives the same error, what kind of system it is, it’s very bad to be your customer, such a system is not user friendly at all. It should not be like this ?

Not all domains can be accepted for free traffic.
Please use paid projects if Nano is not enough for you.

The demo project that you have given 2000 hits is very good, its operation and operation is perfect, the project I use with money and the nano project is awful, very bad, renew your system, the comfort of the demo project is very good.

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