It is a big problem whith traffic

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the operator could not do anything. He spoke to me from above and very careless. I bought the traffic for a month. to come naturally. he also came once in 3 hours and 40,000, instead of 10,000 does not want the gimmick to return my money at least, to take another package

You got 4x times more than you paid for for free and that upsets you so much that you want your money back?
I’m sorry but we really cannot find any sense in it.

We wouldn’t have any business at all if we returned all the money after we delivered all the traffic.

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Trimis din Yahoo Mail pe Android

I don’t want to get angry anymore. enough your colleague was a bulky parrot. read well what you sell and do not fight people. I will post on all the forums until I get my money back. if you are wrong, pay! I want traffic to take that money (slow traffic). you did not understand the idea and this is very serious. either you are ill-willed, or you have no idea how weak you are I bought 10,000 pardons / month. that is to say slow traffic, 300 a day. not 10,000-20,000 in 3 hours. Do you think you are capable of thinking what I said? PER MONTH, NOT DAY

Trimis din Yahoo Mail pe Android

It is Premium traffic and it doesn’t have any settings like time on page, session time nor traffic speed.
If you wanted anything specific like “slow” traffic you should have told us about it.

So? Rezolv this problem?

We do not provide refunds for delivered traffic.