I want to buy the simple pack and get the fulppack later but first let me get your opinion

Hello, dear administrator, in order not to appear fraudulent on google, I will buy the simple package for a month, then I will get a top package and finally the full package traffic will increase gradually so it will be better what do you think about this

what is your opinion on this

The traffic that comes at one time always comes to the homepage

Isn’t there any traffic towards reading news?

Continuous traffic to the homepage decreases the value of google sites over time

Do you have a method such as a direct news reading blog?

that is, just like google bot, it visits and indexes every new news post.

Do you have such a thing? Can you share your opinion on this subject? Best regards.

You can use RSS feature for it. We will pull all your new articles automatically.
It is available in Large, Ultimate and Max projects.