I paid $ 143 for a service I did not find any contac

I paid $ 143 for a service
I did not find any contact

You need to create a project after making a purchase.
If you do not create a project we simply do not know where to send the traffic.

I entered your site in order to improve the performance of my site and increase its visitors

You still need to create a project after making a purchase.
You haven’t done it yet.

I had similar issue with you guys, I still have my money stocked with you guys because of bitcoin charges, you refused to return my money, also refused to credit my account with a lower subscription that the payment can fund. You still have my money in your possession and no service was rendered to me.

Gbenga, please do not twist our replies.
You have sent $8.31 instead of $9.99, we cannot refund BTC payments and we cannot process partial payments with so much difference.
After we received several dozens of chat messages and emails from you we indeed stopped replying, if you at least were respectful and asked us politely instead of demanding we would made a concession but as it happens now again - you keep criticizing us for something we haven’t done.

You really don’t care. Your service is good I have had to work with other similar services, but as it seems you require a dissatisfied client to remain polite after series of explanations via email. All I asked was simple, give me a lower subscription package, you have a $5 package or so. Charges were made on the fund I was sending out, I admitted the error. But you would rather hold on to the funds rather than having a ‘concession’ because in your opinion a client hasn’t been ‘polite’. We all deal with clients on a daily basis. And to think this experience didn’t stop me from making a referral to you guys. I’m just glad the fund in question here isn’t much.

No one has asked for $5, we do not have such packages, the minimum us $9.99, we simply asked you to send the correct amount.
You are welcome to finish the payment any time you want, no one is stopping you, we still haven’t received the rest $9.99-8.31=$1.68

There is nothing new that you paid for money you did not provide services for
Please sweet the problem

The traffic is coming to your website, please tell us what exactly is wrong now ?