I lose my credit for nothing

hello I have purchase yesterday 1 Medium Professional and I receive 2
that s ok
but the problem after i creat the campings … i have delete them just to creat new with the first settings but i can t so help me pleaaaaaaase

If you want us to recover a deleted projects please send us all the information about the deleted project you have to support@sparktraffic.com

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ok sir please help me now
the id s of projects are 599383 599382

The projects have been recovered.

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ok sir thank u
please i want to ask u if i can upgrade them to the ultimat professional
I will send you the remaining money via PayPal … is it ok ?

Yes, you can send us the difference to support@sparktraffic.com

if u can please upgrade my projects 599383 599382 to the ultimate economy now please and if there is any money to pay just send me your paypal email and thank u

You need to send 2*($199.98-$59.98) = $280 to support@sparktraffic.com

Once it is done please send us the payment reference number to support@sparktraffic.com email about the upgrade.
Please do not use forum as customer support, please use email.


Please calculate the difference, send a payment and let us know about it by email.