I did not receive any traffic

i bought the medium pro package…but im still not receiving any traffic knowing that i have gle analitycs on my website…what to do ?

Please install Google Analytics on your website in order for the projects to work.

i did…please read cerfuly my question…i have google analytic on my website…but still no traffic !!! any solution to fix that…or just give me a refund of 59 dollars

Tell us your Google Analytics id

i use this plugin…if should i i use other please tell me about it!

helloooo…im still waiting the solution please !!!

Please put this Google Analytics id into the Google Analytics field in your project page, Traffic Counters tab.

where exactly please i cant see it !!!..may u send me a screenshot please ?!

No worries, we did it for you.
Please wait some time and you will start seeing the traffic in your Google Analytics.

Bro,did you get traffic then ?

I’m also having the same problem. I didn’t get any traffic after 3 days of purchasing. On my project page it’s showing the increasing numbers of visits but I’m not. Please help me .
UA-169326194-1 This is my GA Id.

You have the wrong Google Analytics id, you have put “UA- 16932619-41” in your project but your id is “UA-16932619-41” without the space

Sorry For My Mistake. But I’ve corrected it. Now please do what you said while purchasing that mini bundle.

I corrected my GA id but still not getting any visits. On google anayltics it didn’t show any visits

Please guide me properly. I can see visits on the spark traffic project page but unable to see them on my blogger stats.
This is my blogger :slight_smile:

Please do not copy messages, you have already created a new forum thread and you sent us 3 emails in the last few hours.

I also didn’t get any traffic on my site

You are getting traffic, but your project is Nano which is the slowest possible so have some patience.