Honest opinion on Site

I have searched a fair priced service to get bot traffic on my site when I found SparkTraffic. The prices look quite friendly and there are a lot of package options for gradually higher prices. I have asked for the 2000 free visitor plan first. I can tell that I have got them coming in a few minutes. Actually I have got much more, some 7000+ visitors and 20.000+ pageviews. That is really impressive, hovewer I have done the mistake to not set up this all free plan properly, as I didn’t even know I can do it. This resulted a very fast spike in visitors, from my normal few hundreds to 7000 in just a few hours. Actually I would have better liked it to spread the visitor count to more days. Now I worry a little what if Google notices this big jump in my visitor count, I hope it will not punish my domain for this or does any harm or something. It was mostly my fault, now I see I could even pause the visitors or edit the free project to slow it down, but I just checked it after all project has been finised. Since that I read here in the forum, that the default setting is 100% of the visitors traffic speed, that should be lowered down. Next time I will watch out for this, or if someone from the company reads this, they could lower it to 50% by default maybe. All in all, I am satisfied with the SparkTraffic so far. I also applied for the Nano project and probably if everything goes all right I will be a long term customer of the company, I will order bigger packages. Bigger packages have much more options of settings. That is a good thing and I will have good use of that in the future. As I haven’t paid any money in yet I am not sure, but it struck my eyes that at one place it was written on a button, that there are more than 150 payment metods, but clicking on it I saw only a few methods there. I also read blog articles and this company seems legit and all right. One more thing about their affiliate terms, those seem fair too, maybe I will cooperate with the company in this way too in the future.

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