Google search clicks


Hello everyone, I want to buy Google search click traffic. Does the website offer such a service? how to buy?


You can change your traffic type to Organic in your project page and put your Keywords in the Keywords field.


My Premium GEO has 5000. How do I create my google search click item?


Premium traffic cannot be used for Organic traffic type.


I have selected organic Traffic type, Surely something happening when I check in Google Analytics. But in Google Search Console, no increase in Organic Search , why like this. After purchasing this I lost my ranking also. Kindly advice


Google Search Console never show any purchased traffic, not just ours.
We strongly do not recommend to do anything with Google Search Console as Google will definitely penalize your website for it. We provide safe traffic and it comes at a cost.


if its not considering by Google Search, what is the benefit of click in improving ranking. I think google down ranked my site because of this. Pls advice a reason not to cancel the subscription.


That is actually the safest way to get traffic that looks like it is coming from Google.
If bots were actually clicking at the Google’s search results then you will be definitely penalized.


Ok, I have cancelled the Subcribtion