Geo targeting, Users not working

Dear Team,

I have sent my issue through support email but there was no proper response to it.

Please note that I have purchased the biggest package that you offer.

My account ID is 970873 and as I have emailed to support Geo location does not work at all and the Cities for the country of my selection isn’t even listed in your admin panel.

I am only getting the views (with wrong geo location) and have not received any unique visitors (Only views).

I was planning to purchase other services you were providing but given the performance of your support I am skeptical about the services which you have promised in this site.

If you cannot provide the Geo Location service for the country of my choice please let me know. So I will be able to move on. I will not ask for any refund either.

Thank You

Please do not send us so many same messages.
You cannot send traffic to, you need to use normal websites.

Also your Google Analytics is not correct, it should look like UA-1111111-11, you have just 1111111 in your project.

Wasn’t using the service anymore as your response took sometime.

I have added the above Google Analytics tracking ID. Please note my google analytics are combination of App+Web and it seems instead of UA- they use G-

I have also correctly entered the URL.

However I am still not getting the traffic to the site. Please help.

Hope you will be able to response soon.


You have incorrect urls in your project, you forget to put ‘/’ after the website name and before the ‘?’ sign

Thank you for the quick response. Have fixed it and if there is any issue will notify you.

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Both geo location and traffic is working for Alexa. However Google Analytics does not show any traffic from this.

Shall I provide you access to Google Analytics. Would you be kindly able to have a look to see what is the issue?

Thank You

Please use for customer support.
We need to see your traffic report.