FAKE! Added the Code in my website for double traffic but did not received


I am looking for the paid credit and premium service. So i have created free account to try but i am not getting the traffic and proper answer from support team. Support member removed the chat option from my account. How rude and fake you guys.


We told you that we do not provide support for the free projects.
Please use paid versions if you want our employees to help you with your traffic.

Free projects please use as it is.


You should help for every customer…


mahaveerji789, Free Demo credits come with support, Free Nano credits come with no support.

That is very common practice that free plans come with “Use as it is” policy.


i’m a paid member, in my dash board also removed the chat option from my account


somasekhar6666, we removed the chat because when we were asking you to wait you were sending us 20-30 same messages. Use email please.


this is not good thing to do remove my chat.customer asked so many questions why did you remove.you have to respond every question from customer side…


they did’nt responding with email also,what did i do,i’m already forwarded tracking id and traffic report to support team,still now they are not respoding to my mail


All your emails were responded.