Error Setting Up Project

I’ve purchased ‘small professional’ credits, which are reflected in my Balance.
However, when I go to set up a project with them, there is an error that briefly flashes a message that it can’t be done.

Please advise

Please tell us more abut the message and/or provide us with the details of the project you want to create.

I can’t recite the error message verbatim, as it only lasts for a brief moment.

I am trying to set up some pages on Someone else with a different account may have had a project for this website in the past. Could this be the issue?

We would like to have one of the pages controlled from this account. Do they have to delete the other account, or can they delete the project of the specific page I want to administer from this account?

Thank you.

Please do not send us copies of the same answer to all the means(forum, email etc.)
Please send us to full URL you want the traffic to, also we need to know your login in our system.

Earlier emails were not responded to, even though weeks had passed.

Thank you for clarifying where you prefer to respond, as requested.

[EDIT] email now sent