Doesn't Accept my Website link - displays error

Hey guys i got the nano credit to try my free traffic campaign to see how it will work but it won’t accept my website link. Always shows error: “You cannot use this domain for a Trial project”.

My site is: [url hidden]


angelica, you already have a free Nano project with one of our affiliate websites, we allow not more than 1 free project per website.
You can now create only paid projects for it.

thanks for the reply guys, i can’t recall using any others. Can you tell me which one that would be? i only tried with you guys at Spark Traffic

Let me know pls


We cannot disclose such information.

i don’t have a NANO project anywhere else. You guys just want ppl to pay for the service that’s all.

Of course we want people to pay, we are not a charity.

We have many affiliate website who resell our traffic, you’ve activated a trial or Nano in one of them.