Christmas offer purchase 1x and get 2x not received

Hello Traffic Bot Team,

I Just subscribed Mini Credits Economy Package as you guys mentioned that every order will be doubled however after purchase my order not be doubled…please do the needful I received only one Mini Credits instead of 2 Mini Credits as per Christmas offer please provide additional one credit or kindly cancel my order and refund my money back

That was not a purchase but a renewal, the promo applies only to new purchases.
And as you can see in your Billing->History page you have already used the credit to renew your project #591485:

Will you please provide me this promo an additional 1x credit mini Christmas offer

Of course, just make a new purchase for it.

I want to do new purchase to avail this offer by mistake renewal done Will you please provide this promo offer 1x more on this renewal as I assumed that it will be provided automatically so please help me in this matter

I’m sorry but the promo applies only to new purchases.
The credits on your balance do not expire, you can use them any time in the future.

With regret to say that it is not good practice by spark traffic will you please elaborate what is the difference between the new purchase and renewal subscription as both are the same

We do not just give away free traffic, we are interested in new projects, new subscriptions that is why we encourage our clients to make new purchases by such promos.

I have payed to mini sibscribe but it is zero traffic
It is very bad

You created 2 projects a week ago and then you deleted them yesterday.
We obviously do not send any traffic to deleted projects.

Ok I have cancled the subscribe what about my money ??

في الأحد، ٢٩ ديسمبر ٢٠١٩ ٦:١٠ م sparktraffic via TrafficBot كتب:

We are sorry but we do not make refunds for the traffic what was delivered.
If you want us to recover the deleted projects simply send us an email to about it.

Hello, did i recieved the offer? can you check my account?


You can see it in the Billing->History page