Can't figure out why my website is not accepted

While your service might be great as proposed. but i raally can’t figure out anything. you guys said you’d provide 2000 traffic for demo purpose after registrations. i did that and i can’t even figure out anything while my domain keeps getting declined. i tried making payment again. just after all your payment gateway are declining my cards, i tried using bitcoin which i still can’t figure out how to use your service even after the payment.

trying to communicate with your support team even made everything worst as the client was a bit rude and had to shut the live chat on me.

i don’t know if this is the best service for me but am still trying to keep it positive.


You have already created a free project but it is a Nano.
Nano projects do not include customer support.

Also you haven’t submitted any payment yet.

please kindly confirm again now… it was on pending on my btc wallet before when i made the payment but it has now been sent but am not sure if ur system have confirmed it yet.
this is the mail from my wallet.

Hi arowolodaniel!.

Hi arowolodaniel ,

We wish to inform you that a transaction occurred on your Wallet with us.

Transaction Notification

  • Transaction type: BTC Send
  • Reference code: TRDDBHKV6MEX
  • Amount Sent: 0.0009049400 BTC
  • Wallet Balance: 0.0000308947 BTC
  • Sent Address: 3D5txw3fE7YfToRaBUzZdXHmG1MFhqCUw6

TRDDBHKV6MEX is not Bitcoin transaction id.
Read this please:

i really do not know what u mean by that or how to locate it. but i found this Bitcoin Transaction


in my wallet there is a link that says view on blockchain and here is the link

i don’t know if u can find out the information there

Your transaction id is 411c2bd0d793438a2ff052b5c4c17ad63ae1564e9401c35cf65f36fe47b5310b
You need to put it on the payment page into the Transaction ID field and click at the Check Status button in your member area.

the payment page is close. can i get a link to the page again?

is there a way your team can help me activate my account with the payment made please?

You can open the same page any time you want: Guaranteed Traffic -> Buy New Credit

i have got that fixed but am having issue to understand your program. i don’t know if there is any tutorials on how it works or go about it

You have everything set up and the traffic is coming.

What is your question now?